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About #vherbage

#vherbage is a collective work in digital ecopoetics from the students of CRWR260: theory + practice of creative writing, in collaboration with students from BIOC301: plant biochemistry, created at the okanagan campus of the university of british columbia, led by Sonnet L’Abbé, PhD

#vherbage explores four ideas:

the twitter poem, #vherbage, was composed publicly, collectively and online, by students and observers, on March 4, 2014 at the university of british columbia, okanagan as part of UBC’s Celebrate Research Week 2014

#vherbage is deeply inspired by the work of ecopoet angela rawlings in her online multidisciplinary series, gibber

a special #vherbage shout-out to Dr. Susan Murch, CRC and her students for their participation in this work, and to Dr. Ashok Mathur, Head of Creative Studies for supporting this collaborative digital creative research and pedagogy

#vherbage design and production by matthew gruman grumandd.com

The vherbage collective

the #vherbage collective

from left to right, from top:

Shaun Martineau, Dawn Petrin, Coral Stevens, Emma Yarrow, Cole Anderson, Paige Knights, Brianna Ferguson, Alysha Southam, Brendan Shykora, Mark Penner, Hartley Vibert, Torin McLachlan, Christina Hebert, Becca MacDonald, Lauren Marshall, Kale Greenfield, Dr. Sonnet L’Abbé, Matt Lauzon, Trystan Carter, Kasia Wotherspoon (not pictured: Mark Dreger, Aimee Miller)